Announcing Imagine Tomorrow’s First Contribution!


A note from the Imagine Tomorrow Founders:

Talking about mental health can be tough. Fear of miscommunication, simplification and vulnerability are key killers to open dialogue, even though talking about mental health and sharing experiences is proven to reduce stigma.

Thankfully, organizations like Bring Change to Mind (BC2M), a non-profit dedicated to encouraging dialog about mental health, are helping us change the conversation. BC2M was founded in 2010 by actress and activist Glenn Close, motivated by her family experiences, she decided to fight back against the stigma that 20% of our population, face day-to-day.

What better way to create change  than to lean on the future?

BC2M developed an evidence-based high school program to increase our next generation’s awareness and education about mental health in a supportive environment. The program officially launched in 2017 and has spread across 250 schools with a collective involvement of 7500 students in just two years

And it is entirely student-led. 

By allowing students to influence the program, with the support of BC2M’s funding and resources, they’re able to focus on the issues that are important to them, in the ways they believe will encourage the most change. What better way to create change than to lean on the future?

This is why we support Bring Change to Mind. 

. . .

We had the unique opportunity this weekend to see firsthand the impact BC2M is having on its student community – which completely stunted our fears about the future of mental health dialog.

We participated as facilitators in the 2019 BC2M Student Summit, leading breakout group conversations on topics like mental health and identity, mental health in the 21st century, and mental health in interpersonal relationships. Conversations that would have felt so foreign to us as our 16 year old selves flowed like second nature to the inspirational students we were connecting with. 

The students talked openly about how mental illness has affected themselves and those around them, how BC2M has inspired them to do something about it, and how they actually are – in fact – doing something about it. By showing up, talking about mental health, and creating programs for their peers, they are shaping the future that we will all live in. 

The young adults we met on Saturday left us more encouraged now than ever that the future of mental health in America is young, driven, and open.

From collaborating with other high schools and campaigning to their School Boards for more mental health resources, to anonymous positivity notes they encourage their peers to pass to one another, we saw first hand that Bring Change to Mind resources are being put to good use. The young adults we met on Saturday left us more encouraged now than ever that the future of mental health in America is young, driven, and open.

That is why we are thrilled to announce that the contributions from our Imagine Tomorrow Pack’s first 3 months in business will be dedicated to the Bring Change to Mind High School Program fund, which is bringing more BC2M clubs to high school campuses across the nation.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Bring Change to Mind, visit We promise, you’ll leave inspired. 


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